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African Tresses: The Journey to Healthy African Hair

I was blessed with thick, brown hair it grows & grows and thankfully it’s manageable at any length but I cannot say the same for Sanni’s hair. In no uncertain terms it drives him crazy. It’s this wild afro of curls, knots, and tangles and that’s after he’s put a comb through it. A girlfriend of ours tried teaching me to braid but that ended abruptly when even she couldn’t sit still long enough for me to get the hang of it.

Imagine just how happy I was to come across the blog of Lani Masuku who writes all about how to make the unmanageable African hair manageable on her blog, African Tresses. As she explains:

The freedom is critical as I’ve met too many women who wish they could rock their own hair, but feel imprisoned in the world of the weave, the braids and the wigs.

She sets about documenting the steps to getting damaged, unhealthy hair back to natural strength without harsh treatments or processing.

To join the castor oil challenge or learn more about Lani and her teachings subscribe to her blog or read along on the Radio AFRO website.

Dauda Sanni’s Football Footage

All this talk about Sanni and playing football. And yet, no video to back it up. It’s been on youtube a while now and since he’s in Thailand making all the necessary moves to meet managers and get introduced to clubs through trials I thought I’d show you what they will see.

Click on the photo to be redirected to his youtube video.


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